Your Adaptability Determines Your Health

Life By Design

Ultimately, one major principle governs our ability to express health or moves us towards sickness and disease – adaptation.

The body’s ability to adapt to its environment is the centerpiece of life and it’s the nerve system that coordinates all the necessary changes, from raising or lowering blood pressure, altering body temperature, activating the immune system to contracting muscles and digesting food for energy.

If we can adapt to the level of stress in our lives, we continue to function at a peak level. If our adaptability decreases, stress begins to overwhelm us and we break down.

Most “experts” suggest we de-stress or manage our stress, but the real solution is to become more adaptable. By giving our body more of what it needs, including a quality nerve supply (chiropractic), proper fuel (eat by design) proper movement (move by design) and a clearly defined purpose (think by design) we increase our ability to adapt and successfully thrive in our environment.

What is Your Full Potential?

Instead of focusing on the health lost, deterioration created, energy decrease, immune system suppression and all the negative effects of nerve interference and not fulfilling all your requirements, we choose to focus on the untapped potential for health and vitality available for your body.

Imagine what you could do, how you could feel, how much energy you could have, how productive you could be, your quality of life and the potential impact on your children’s lives, when Chiropractic and each of the Life By Design strategies are utilized to restore and maximize our health and performance.

What is your full potential?

Dr. Steven Gall has been offering exceptional chiropractic care to infants, children and adults for over 25 years. He has spent his life learning, and improving his knowledge, skills and ability to provide his care. As a public speaker and health coach he strives to assist people in seeing and attaining a life of extraordinary health. Contact the office to join others who have started the same journey.