By Design Holiday Survival Guide

holiday survival guide
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How can you maximize your health and minimize your guilt this upcoming holiday season?

Simply follow these 6 steps in our By Design Holiday Survival Guide.

1. Be gentle with yourself

No need to punish yourself for what you did or didn’t eat, exercises you did or didn’t do, sleep you did or didn’t get.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed and celebrate being surrounded by those you love and care for.

Remember it’s more about what you do between New Year and Christmas than it is what you do from Christmas to New Year.

2. Fill Up On Protein

Traditional holiday meals are generally stock full of processed carbohydrates like bread, cookies, cakes, and more.

But if you look close, you’ll find the saviour of your holiday meal plan.

The meat.

Focus on protein first. Get your fill of the turkey, ham, or roast beef, and only then, start adding the other yummy, once or twice a year treats (don’t forget the cranberry sauce and gravy!).

These higher protein choices will reduce hunger-signaling hormones and keep you full ensuring you don’t overdo it on the desserts.

3. Plan Ahead

Do you already know you have some parties coming up?

Come up with a plan of attack in advance.

Target the meat and cheese tray and drink water, even if you’re choosing to drink alcohol, this will help keep you hydrated and curb some of the strong temptations.

4.Ditch the all-or-none mentality

Most people think that they will inevitably gain weight over the holidays, which contributes to the “all or none mentality”.

A few off-track days are not permission to extend them to weeks.

In fact, this 2012 study looked at 34 men and women over a 6-week holiday period.

Four subjects gained over 5 pounds, but the average for the entire group showed there was nobody composition change, with the majority of subjects maintaining their weights or even decreasing.

Avoid falling into the all-or-none trap.

Don’t assume you’re going to gain weight and give up all self-restraint.

You wouldn’t slash all your tires after finding a single flat one!

5.Stay active

We’re not saying that you can out-train weeks’ worth of holiday meals… but there are some important benefits to maintaining some form of exercise.

Maybe you won’t have time for your regular, longer workout routine?

Pick consistency over volume.

Find a time every day to move, stay active and if you can, place your toughest workouts of the week on days you’ll be feasting.

6. Stay hydrated

Focusing on improving your water intake will not only make you feel full sooner but also help with the cocktail hangovers.

Water intake will also ensure that you consume fewer calories overall.

Research shows drinking mostly water with your meals decreases your overall calorie intake by almost 10% or 200 calories, on average.

7. Give Fasting a Shot

It’s never going to hurt to delay your first meal by a few hours and in turn, reduce the total time available to be filling our bellies with food.

You may find that you like it so much, it keeps a spot in your healthy lifestyle routine after the holidays are long gone.

From everyone at Linden Ridge Family Chiropractic best wishes this holiday season and remember…

You’re worth it!

Dr. Steven Gall has been offering exceptional chiropractic care to infants, children and adults for over 25 years. He has spent his life learning, and improving his knowledge, skills and ability to provide his care. As a public speaker and health coach he strives to assist people in seeing and attaining a life of extraordinary health. Contact the office to join others who have started the same journey.