20 Interesting Signs You’re Stressed

signs you're stressed
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Most people assume they’ll know when they’re “stressed”.

They will often recognize stress as the feeling of anxiety but being overwhelmed is only one way to know that stress is affecting you.,,

Here are 20 interesting signs you’re stressed.

  1. Everything hurts
  2. Drastic changes in appetite
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Daytime sleepiness
  5. Shaky hands
  6. A lump in your throat
  7. Skin conditions
  8. Premature hair greying
  9. Rapid breathing
  10. Spend more time in the bathroom
  11. You’re thirsty
  12. Ulcers
  13. Jaw pain
  14. Your hair is falling out
  15. Headaches become commonplace
  16. Insomnia
  17. Decreased libido
  18. Hyper-irritable
  19. Elevated blood pressure
  20. Irregular cycles


Regardless of how stress is manifesting itself in your life, the most important thing you can do to have a plan…

By going back to the basics, you can simplify your actions and get the fastest return on your investment.

Instead of addressing symptoms, consider building your body into a machine that can manage and process stress better.

  1. Eat Real Food
  2. Optimize Your Sleep
  3. Daily Exercise
  4. Manage Your Spinal Health
  5. Keep Hydrated
  6. Know Your Values

Find experts that can help support and guide you through learning and integrating each step, then it’s straight forward… rinse and repeat.

How do you know when you’re stressed?

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